NOUN: an official agreement or treaty.

SYNONYMS: pact, treaty, agreement, settlement, deal "a peace accord"



This is where the Retouchers Accord lives—for you to discuss, debate, adapt, and hopefully adopt for yourself.

Nothing about image-making is straightforward—it’s part art, part technology, part psychology, and part alchemy. Decisions made about how much or how lightly an image is altered come from editors, casting agents, brand managers, post-production artists, makeup artists, retouchers, photographers, subjects (sometimes), and cultural norms.
By convening voices with different perspectives on retouching, we are bringing together a group to develop and frame an “oath” about how it should and shouldn’t happen.
The most successful oaths in history come from the hearts and minds of the people who eventually pledge to uphold them. We’re grateful for your help making this pledge a big step forward in bringing greater ethics and integrity to image-making.
Those that pledge to take the oath will be members of this “accord” and will join photographers, artists, beauty brands, media folks, professional photo editors and retouchers, celebrities, students and ordinary people in standing up for their awesome ethical responsibility to foster positive self image in the people who see their work.
Each aspect of the oath will be supplemented with tools that help members fulfill what they pledged to do. Things like software tutorials, advice on bringing up ethics in client relationships, and best practices will be available.
When the Retouchers Accord feels like it's accomplished what it needed to, we’re going to let it go – to live in the world. 
This initiative was inspired by the significant transformation The Designers Accord helped bring to more sustainable product designs, the accountability the Hippocratic oath brings to ethical medical practices, and our own explorations in creating a swimwear line . 

- Sarah Krasley,  Unreasonable Women (New York City, Spring 2016)